Affiliated to CBSE vide affiliation number 2430410 for secondary & senior secondary school.


Class Rooms

The primary, middle & senior school classrooms are spacious, airy and equipped with appropriate and comfortable child-friendly furniture which provides the students adequate space to keep their belongings. Smart boards equipped with the latest digital content help the children enjoy learning. Every classroom has a student capacity of 45 to ensure an optimum teacher- student ratio with suitable and encouraging surrounding.

Labs and Activity Centres

Science Lab

The main purpose of lab work in science education is to offer students with theoretical and practical knowledge to help them learn every concepts through scientific methods. Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs are entirely prepared with all modern facilities and equipment to allow children to engage in learning through research. We take all safety measures to keep our students safe. Well-trained specialists assist and engage children, encouraging them to work in groups as well as individually to enable them to correlate practical and theoretical experiences.

Computer Lab

In DPS Rampurhat, we have a fully air-conditioned computer labs. Our Computer Lab are fully equipped with 45 computer terminals with latest software and hardware support. All units have latest generation of processor, operating system and high speed internet facility. The Labs have been planned keeping safe from electrocution for the students. Well trained and proficient computer professional assist our students and look after each of them in the class.

Language Lab

The idea of the Language Lab is important to the progress of linguistic skills development among the students undergo rigorous training in speaking and listening of different languages. The prime object behind such an initiative is to expand the audio and spoken comprehension skills of the children through dedicated activities in the Lab.

Maths Lab

In DPS Rampurhat we set up a Math Lab, to encourage the students so that they can enjoy the fun of maths instead of fearing. The children are love to do their exercise and projects through the use of different instruments like - Geometrical Shapes, Geometry Box, Measuring Tap, Measuring Jugs & Beakers, Wall Thermometer, Spring Balance, etc.

Art Room

At DPS Rampurhat, we want that our children will get encouragement to use their imagination and capture the uncountable forms of life, using different media. The spacious and fully equiped Art Labs of our school hone the creativity of the children in a dedicated environment where, students are revitalise their imaginations and their creativity.

Dance Room

The DPS Rampurhat School offers a large, spacious and fully equiped dedicated environment for dance classes in both eastern and western classical form along with Fusion, Creative, Folk and other modern forms of dance. These form of art developing dignity and elegance among the students, make them aware of the rich cultural heritage of our country.

Music Room

We at DPS Rampurhat, offer our students a spacious, large, well-equipped modern Music Lab to train them in both vocal and instrumental music and nurture musical growth and appreciation. Students have the choice of freely experimenting with a varied range of instruments and genres, such as Eastern, Western, Classical, Folk and Fusion.


The DPS Rampurhat Library is one of the attraction of the school which has a wide variety of books. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit among students. Separate library facilities exist for Junior and Senior Sections. Both sections have been arranged in harmony with the course of the students relating to that section. Each section has a vast and updated collection of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, reference books and volumes of encyclopaedia in all formats.

Cultural Hub

Birbhum is the cultural hub of Bengal and main attraction of this district is “Shantiniketan” the place belongs to Rabindranath Tagore and his work. Being Close to Shantiniketan we at DPS Rampurhat celebrate Rabindranath Tagore's blessing of knowledge, we have special open-air amphitheatre to inculcate the art of theatrics and fine arts for students who wish to explore the magical world of Literature and Poetry. We are bringing in the best professors in our Faculty from the Cultural Capital of Bengal "Shantiniketan"

Medical Facility

The DPS Rampurhat School infirmary or medical unit is looked after by a qualified nurse. Health Check-up of the students will be on a regular basis and a medical record maintained. If the nurse is of the opinion that a child wants special medical treatment the parents will be informed. On the other hand parents must inform the school authorities about child’s physical incapacities. School authority will pay special attention to the concerned child. All parents are requested to teach basic Health Education to their children.

Play Area

In DPS Rampurhat, we have provided our tiny- tots of junior classes, the colourful and vibrant play area which is fitted with jungle-gym, see-saws, slides, swings, make-believe houses, etc for their recreation and physical development. All equipments are safe for the children and we take all safety measures of the play ground for our children.

Outdoor Sporting Facility

At DPS Rampurhat we offer our students a large variety of outdoor sports facilities. We cover almost every aspect of conventional sport because we like to produce children who are healthy of mind, spirit and body. The school is equipped with a lush green field for Football and Cricket, a Lawn Tennis court, Volly-ball court, Basket-ball court, Badminton court, a well maintained Swimming pool, an Archery section. We also have separate play area for our little members in the school.


Lawn Tennis

Basket Ball


Indoor Sporting Facility

DPS Rampurhat offer an indoor sporting area for our students with modern indoor sports amenities. In our school we have different conventional indoor sports like Badminton, Table tennis, Carrom, Chess, Foosball, Computer Games, Yoga etc. We also have different age wise Board Games for different classes.


Table Tenis



Multi Purpose Auditorium

The multipurpose auditorium at DPS Rampurhat is well-equipped for activities like school events for students and parents, seminars, drama and theatre, exhibitions etc. The seating capacity of 400 pax with state-of-the-art interior decoration and high end sound and light system.


DPS Rampurhat provide canteen facilities featuring with healthy menu available in the Cafeteria. Most students carry home-cooked lunches to school, but there are students who unable to carry lunch or for those who wants to look for a change.


At DPS Rampurhat, our first priority is the safety, security and comfort of our children. With this thinking, we design our transportation system. We are presently maintaining a fleet of school buses designed as per industry standards. We have RFID Tagging and Real Time location Tracking facility to track our school buses activity all time. Our bus routes are well planned to cover almost all parts of the town. The buses are operated by trained drivers, male helpers and lady attendants are there to the needs of children.